Eco Café

Kell’s Kitchen and Brew Bar is proud to be leading the way in Townsville as an eco-friendly café.

We were excited to meet with Toby from The Boomerang Alliance and are inspired by the work he is doing to create a movement towards plastic free cafés and restaurants.

We have been committed to ecofriendly principle since the day we opened, using biodegradable and compostable products wherever possible and dramatically minimising single-use plastics in our café. We are excited to be featured on The Project in September 2019 as a Townsville community café embracing the eco café principles.

Some of the many eco initiatives we use are:

  • Compostable, wooden cutlery (not single use plastic);
  • Biodegradable paper or stainless steel straws (not single use plastic);
  • Biodegradable, plant based take away cups (not single use plastic);
  • We stamp our paper cups with our brand instead of using stickers which contain plastic products;
  • Use of Huskee reusable cups;
  • Use of paper wraps for sandwiches (not single use cling wrap);
  • Low mileage milk – sourced locally;
  • Low mileage coffee – local roaster;
  • Coffee grounds are composted as well as reused as body scrub;
  • Compost food waste at the local school’s worm farm;
  • We participate in “Lids for Kids” to recycle plastic lids that can’t be part of general recycling;
  • We participate in “Cash for Cans” recycling;
  • We are vigilant in separating our waste and recycling or composting to reduce our footprint;
  • We make our own Kombucha, Lavender Lemonade and other products. We decant this into reusable cups to minimise packaging.
  • We provide chilled water for customers to decant into reusable cups to minimise purchasing plastic bottles.

Come on In!

OPEN Tuesday-Friday

7:30AM - 2:00PM

OPEN weekends

7:00AM - 11:00AM

Kells Kitchen and Brew Bar



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